The Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union of the Pacific remains what it has always been: a consistent and steadfast advocate for the crewmen at the heart of the North Pacific.

Our negotiated compensation and strong partnership with our employers is often emulated but only realized with the Deep Sea Fishermen's Union.

We are a trade guild of like-minded professionals providing what we can for fishermen and their families - as a traditional fishing community for over 100 years!


The mission of the Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union of the Pacific is to promote public policy from the fixed gear fisherman’s point of view to facilitate the intelligent, orderly and sustainable harvest of Halibut, Sablefish, and other ground fish, to encourage the reduction and proper release of incidental catch of non-target species, to support research and public education on the marine environment, and to represent fixed gear fishermen’s interests in matters concerning the management and regulation of the fishery.  


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