IFQ Eligibility Criteria

North Pacific Council Unanimously Approves Motion to Take no Further Action

In a motion made by outgoing Council Member Buck Laukitis, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to take no further action on the matter.

At a meeting (Oct 2017) the Council requested proposals to IFQ Committee regarding access to fishery participation, entry-level opportunities, rural communities, and the program’s objective of maintaining an owner-operated fleet.

Following the IFQ Committee meeting (Feb 2018) the Council requested discussion papers:

• Eligibility Criteria

• Access Opportunities- Global Examples (June 2019)

• Hired Masters (not yet scheduled)

• QS Transfer Mechanisms (not yet scheduled)

As reported in the IFQ Committee report below, “members revisited previous discussions about factors that make entering the fishery or attracting labor to the fishery challenging. The Committee discussion reflected the fact that stakeholders have varying points of view about whether the program is meeting the objective of being a largely owner operated fishery… the Committee and the Council continue to consider measures that might modify quota-holding privileges based on types of participation, it was noted that information gaps about crew participation and business arrangements should be addressed to the extent possible. “

IFQ Committee Report - April 1, 2019 - Anchorage, Alaska