Abundance Based Management - Fishing Vessel Owners and Deep Sea Fishermen's Union again call for immediate and practical approach to reducing Halibut bycatch

In the lead up to the October 2-9 North Pacific Fishery Management Council (the Council) meeting, the Fishing Vessel Owners’ Association (FVOA) and the Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union (DSFU) again calls on the Council to embrace our proposal as an efficient and much need step towards a sustainable Halibut fishery.

At the October meeting, the Council will review possible options for study regarding the Abundance­ Based Management (ABM) of Halibut bycatch. ABM establishes harvest levels based on the status of the fish affected by the fishery. ABM’s purpose is to provide more protection when the status of the fish is low and the conservation need greatest, and more harvest opportunity when abundance is high. 

So far, this concept of Halibut harvest levels that are predicated on the availability of fish now seems hopelessly mired in overly complex suite of cumbersome alternatives that only serve to seriously delay the proper and much needed reduction of Halibut bycatch.

The Council is scheduled to entertain possible alternatives for analysis at the Council meeting in October. We understand there are nearly 3,000 possible options with the alternatives under review.

DSFU and FVOA strongly believe the best ABM approach to developing options is with some format of vector analysis with a reasonable starting level, an index that measures halibut abundance and a nimble method of increasing or decreasing the Halibut CAP depending on the vitality of the Halibut fishery.

Please click on the content below to see a copy of our most recent letter to Council calling for action and let your voice be heard in support of our suggested course of action on Halibut Abundance Based Management!