Union records find a home

Our Union's historical records find a home with the University of Washington's Harry Bridges Chair for Labor Studies Archives


Capt. Larson (Center) with his crew during a recent safety drill

The Deep Sea Fishermen's Union has been busy with the project of cataloging and archiving its historically significant documents under the oversight of Seattle fishing vessel Captain Dave Larson. Capt. Larson concluded his initial work with the Labor Archives of Washington (LAW)  in April of this year prior to his five month-long series of tuna fishing trips in the South Pacific. Capt. Larson is now back in Home Port Seattle and after some much earned time with his family, he will resume leading the Deep Sea Fishermen's Union archiving project. We could certainly use more hands on this project so please let us know if you can help out.

The Labor Archives was founded in 2010 to preserve the records of working people and their unions and to serve as a center for historical research, ensuring that new generations have access to the rich labor history of the region. The Labor Archives contains more than 300 separate collections of labor and labor-related materials from individuals and organizations documenting the local, national, and international dimensions of the labor movement in the Pacific Northwest.

Collections document the intersection between labor unions and social justice, civil rights, and political organizations that feature a labor relations or labor rights dimension as part of their focus. A unit of the Special Collections of the University of Washington Libraries, the Labor Archives is a collaborative project of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies and the University of Washington Libraries.