Executive Director - Jim Johnson

The Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union of the Pacific is the oldest and sole remaining fishermen union advocating for fair compensation, safe working conditions and sustainable fisheries of Halibut and Sablefish of the North Pacific from the Coasts of Oregon and Washington to the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands.

Despite my initial status as a greenhorn, I managed to solidify a working relationship with other hook and line organizations to the degree that my recent bid for a seat on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s Advisory Panel was a success!

This year we were are challenged by trade disputes, environmental changes and increased competition. It is no wonder that young fishermen are questioning the logic of entering into our risky and capital intensive industry. Check out the IFQ Ownership Research preview of research we have commissioned as part of our analysis into the fascinating world of North Pacific Halibut and Sablefish Quota. You will see that even with the increasing inflow of IFQ into Alaska, communities in Alaska are suffering (just like Washington and Oregon fishing communities are). Coveting other fishermen's quota is wrong and through the proper management of wasteful Halibut and Sablefish Bycatch we can help meet the interests of all struggling Oregon, Washington and Alaska fishing communities!

Please review the news items related to job development and specifically the article in our news section about the challenges the Puget Sound Region is having recruiting new workers into the maritime industry - this "Graying of the Workforce" is a national problem as the Baby Boom generation exits the workforce and replacement workers are less inclined to enter certain high paying, but physically demanding industries.  

Actively engaged at a state and federal level - I am pressing for Bycatch reform to make the changes necessary to ensure a fixed-gear fishery in the North Pacific. My unique background in both the public and the business sectors of government, transportation and agriculture continues to prove instrumental as I direct the mission, vision and goals of the Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union during these exciting and uncertain times.

We will continue to accomplish much as an organization in 2018 and as Executive Director I remain committed to the interests of the Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union of the Pacific. 

Best Regards,

Jim - June 17, 2018

James Johnson
Executive Director - Deep Sea Fishermen's Union

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