IPHC Fails to Reach Agreement on 2018 Catch Limits

The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) concluded its Ninety-fourth Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon on January 26, 2018. 

Despite its best efforts and while acknowledging that stock was in decline, the Commissioners did not reach agreement. 

In the coming weeks and months, as the 2018 season approaches, (March 24 - November 7th), the US will endeavor to finalize draft quotas for the US Halibut fishery as rapidly as possible to protect the stock.

Please see draft Catch Table for regional detail and the Decision table for likely impacts.


RIP Freddy Dahlberg

Freddy Dahlbergsq.jpg

Also known as Stanley Beale, Freddy worked for years with the Knutsen's, both Jack and Pete. He is credited with saving the Grant as it was sinking. There were many capers he was credited with, to which I could not do justice recounting. He was a good fisherman and well known.        
                            -  Jan Standaert, Deep Sea Fishermen's Union                    


Jim Johnson named to NPFMC Advisory Panel

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council named Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union Executive Director Jim Johnson to a seat on the Advisory Panel replacing John Crowley from the Fishing Vessel Owner Association. 

Jim’s three year term begins in January 2018 and comes at a time of great challenges and opportunities for the hook and line segment of North Pacific Fishery. 

The Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union appreciates the support of Fishing Vessel Owners' Association, Freezer Longline Coalition and the Washington State Labor Council for their guidance and support in this important appointment.

North Pacific Fisheries Management Council: Oct 2-11

Photo Credit: Fish Watch

Photo Credit: Fish Watch

The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council Meets for the 236th Plenary Session October 2nd through October 11th in Anchorage.  In a nutshell, some of the main issues thought to be important to the Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union relate to Observers and Abundance Based Management (ABM). 

Regarding the Observer matter, it is our sense that Washington State, under the leadership of Councilmember Bill Tweidt, will move to fix address serious and lingering salmon and groundfish tendering issues. Last week, the OAC recommended, with consensus, to have Pollock and Salmon sampled whether landed shoreside or by a tendered. The OAC also recommend looking at a definition for catcher vessels delivering to tenders to be subject to logging into the observer program after each delivery or to analyze after a certain level of deliveries were made. We remain hopeful that the Council will follow the lead of the OAC.
On the ABM front, we continue to push for workable options to be developed at the October Council meeting. We remain concerned that the Council’s current range of 50% over the current Cap and 50% under actually puts 2/3 of the potential options at levels greater than what is occurring now and this is wholly unacceptable. 

James J. Johnson
Executive Director
Deep Sea Fishermen’s Union of the Pacific